A Warm Welcome (we’re here!)

First, a few basic updates:

  1. Yes, we’ve arrived in Rwanda!
  2. We’re doing well and feeling good (and for the Hilda fans out there, she’s great too).
  3. We have a house, we love it, and we’re learning how to live in it (tasks like paying for electricity, using an oven, or doing laundry are not as obvious as one might expect).

The past twelve days have been quite the whirlwind — beginning orientation at KICS, setting up our house and phones (a long-term internet solution is still in progress), finding a vehicle, heading to Rwanda’s Western Provence for our staff retreat on Lake Kivu (one of the Africa Great Lakes), and much more.

We are incredibly thankful to have amazing people here to welcome us and help in the transition. Our friends from Church of the Redeemer (the Hanlons) have given us an immediate sense of connection, friendship, and practical help (e.g. assuring that we got a fair price on our new papyrus furniture and then creatively packing out their Rav 4 to transport it). It’s been good to connect with new and returning staff at the school as well.  Meeting people from all over the world who share a similar calling and passion for this place and work is encouraging. There’s no doubt that we will deeply miss our friends in the States, but we take comfort knowing that friendships will form here as well.

We also received an early reminder that our US church diocese and province is deeply connected to Rwanda. Our bishop, the director of Rwanda Ministry Partners (the organization where I serve on the board), and their team came through Kigali and invited us out to dinner last Monday. They were wrapping up their two-week visit around the country where they were serving, sharing words of encouragement, and fostering sister church relationships between American and Rwandan Anglican churches. Rwanda Ministry Partners (RMP) is a newly formed organization and ministry, but its mission and vision is rooted in (and a continuation of) the much older relationship between our two countries. I’ve been praying that our lives in Rwanda may consist of several unified strands of relationship and ministry as we serve at KICS and with the church; I’m thankful to see the beginnings of answered prayer so soon.

There will be a lot more to share soon, I’m sure. Things are moving quickly and we certainly haven’t had time to process everything, but here are a few prayer requests for the time being:

Health: We’re feeling alright, but there’s still some adjustment to new diets and schedules.

School: We’ll meet students and families this Thursday and then begin class on the 21st. Please pray for our future students and for a smooth beginning of the year.

Finances: We are thankful that a few more families and individuals have recently committed to support us. We still need to raise about a third of our total monthly support in order to be in a healthy place moving forward. We are committed to serving faithfully and stewarding contributions wisely as we know that every dollar, Euro, or Rwandan Franc is ultimately the Lord’s. As I’ve recently wrapped up my role as Treasurer at our church in the States, I am continually amazed and thankful for the generosity of God’s people towards the Church and various organizations. We would be truly grateful if you might consider supporting our work as part of your giving.

Rhythms & Routines: Please pray that we’re able to settle into new rhythms and routines that are healthy, stretching, and focused on serving and loving others well. 

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