Short & Sweet 

So I realize that we haven’t posted many (or any) quick notes on here so far. Along with the larger updates, we want to share more day-to-day info as well.

This post will be short and sweet (as much as that’s possible for me — yes, this is Ethan writing), but it’s certainly not simple or insignificant information. This update has more to do with the U.S. than Rwanda, but we’re thankfully all connected.

Our sending church, where we’ve invested so much of our lives over the last several years, has closed on a permanent property! After years of renting, and a multi-year journey to find a permanent home, a new chapter began this week. A historic church building, in the exact area we’ve imagined and prayed about, is now owned by Church of the Redeemer. Renovation will begin soon.

Highwood Church

On the day of closing this week, Natasha and I strongly and sadly felt the physical distance between Kigali and Highwood (the tiny urban suburb north of Chicago), but I also experienced real joy when I knew papers were being signed. We’re  incredibly thankful. If you’re interested in following along the journey, check out Homeward to Highwood.

I can truly say that playing a small role in the facility search, fundraising efforts, and discernment process has been a highlight of my life. It’s an honour and privilege to be sent and be part of a church that is faithfully working to fulfill its calling on both the local and global level.

Praise be to God. He has literally opened doors for the Redeemer community (or at least the church staff now has the keys to open the doors…) and I ask you to join us in praying for the continued blessing of Church of the Redeemer.

Please also keep praying for our work and ministry with Kigali International Community School (KICS), Rwanda Ministry Partners (RMP), and St. Etienne Cathedral (no acronym that I know of yet). We’ll be sure to share more about each of those areas of life soon.

There’s my attempt at a “short” update 🙂

― Ethan

P.S. On a more personal note, I also want to share how thankful we are for God’s provision within our own family. As DuPont and Dow merged, my dad lost his job after some 25-30 years with the same company (I’m happy to give you a rant about corporate America at another time if you’re up for it). But! we thank God that within a few weeks he found another position that seems like a great fit. God is good and Pop is pretty talented it seems. Thanks for praying.

One thought on “Short & Sweet 

  1. Glad to hear things are going well for you guys, and that your dad was able to get a new job so quickly! Hope the language lessons are going well too. Will continue to be praying for you both.


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