Flying Solo

The second semester of school is very much in full force. I (Natasha) returned to Kigali by myself after our Christmas break in the States. In many ways, we would not have planned a trip to the U.S. so “soon” after our move to Rwanda, but the combination of a desire to meet our newborn nephew, plus Ethan having to be in the U.S. for a college trip with students from KICS made us decide we should return to the (very) frozen tundra this year. Those of you who know me are probably already aware of my less than enthusiastic feelings towards Ethan’s travels without me. Needless to say, I was not excited about the prospect of returning to Rwanda alone… for 18 days. Although we’ve been a part for weeks at a time before, this time definitely feels different (as I write this, we still have a week to go before he’s back).

I was extremely nervous about returning to our new home all by myself. Aside from being alone, I realized (read: panicked) that we had split up ‘living responsibilities’ and I would need to know how to do everything by myself. Where do I go to buy electric power again (it’s a cash, prepaid system here)? Were all of our bills paid? Who’s our contact if the house roof has a leak? Early December became the time to figure these things out.

So how has the time alone been? To be honest, it’s hard. I really miss Ethan and I miss our teamwork. Sure, absence can make the heart grow fonder, but I’ve come to see what a good team we’ve been during our time in Rwanda so far. We’ve been able to walk with each other through this journey and help each other in areas of weakness, fear, or anxiety. We’ve also been able to enjoy the newness of life here together, make new friends, and serve at church together. As I was reflecting on this reality, I was reminded of all of the people who prayed for our marriage before we left the U.S. (and who I know are still praying for our marriage now) – thank you! Your prayers are being heard and they are making a difference.

A few more days to go.

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