New Role! Rwanda Ministry Partners

Natasha and I spent the last month or so in the Chicagoland and Twin Cities areas as we were back in the States over KICS’ summer break. It’s was a great time of connection with friends, family, and supporters. We’re thankful for the season to unwind and recharge (more photos of our visit will be posted soon too).

Now that we’ve had the opportunity to talk with many of you in person (sadly, not all), I want to publicly share more about a development that’s happened over the last few months. As of July 1st, I began serving as the executive director of Rwanda Ministry Partners (RMP), a ministry that nurtures healthy, mutual, culturally respectful, and missional relationships between people, churches, dioceses, and organizations in North America and those of the Anglican Church of Rwanda. Since RMP’s beginning in 2016, I’ve served on the board as treasurer and then chairperson. Conversations began this spring with the founding director of RMP and the archbishop of Rwanda about the possibility of my transition into this leadership role on staff. When the board affirmed this proposal, and the KICS leadership team also supported my transition to half-time at the school, I prayerfully accepted the offer.

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 11.10.30 AM
Potential new logo… thoughts about it? Email me!

Since RMP is young and smaller organization, my new position is half-time as well. I’m very thankful to contiune my role as the university guidance counselor at KICS. Remaining faithful to my committment at the school and to my students was a high priority in the decision process; I enjoy teaching, mentoring, and walking with students as they tranistion to life after high school. My other KICS administrative and development work will be carried on by others. The stipend I receive from KICS will change, but RMP is able to cover the adjustment and leaves us in similar situation — thankful for a monthly stipend while needing to partner with individuals and churches for financial support as well.

I am very thankful and honored to serve as the new director of Rwanda Ministry Partners. The previous director was based in the U.S. and will remain connected to the ministry as a board member, liasion to Compassion International, and volunteer. RMP serves an important role of connection and communication between our two countries. Our living in Rwanda and spending time in the church’s provincial office (i.e. ‘national headquarters’) provides opportunity to listen and learn, and then share what God is doing as we walk together in unity. We will follow the direction of the Rwandan church leaders and be a catalyst for alignment among the many ministries and projects shared between Rwanda and North America, with a primary focus of relationships. I’m very thankful to have a wise and experienced board that has committed to support me in this role. Your prayer is especially appreciated in this next season too.

[RMP’s website will be reworked in the coming days, but additional information about the ministry is available online for those interested in learning more.]



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