Flying Solo

The second semester of school is very much in full force. I (Natasha) returned to Kigali by myself after our Christmas break in the States. In many ways, we would not have planned a trip to the U.S. so “soon” after our move to Rwanda, but the combination of a desire to meet our newborn … More Flying Solo

Short & Sweet 

So I realize that we haven’t posted many (or any) quick notes on here so far. Along with the larger updates, we want to share more day-to-day info as well. This post will be short and sweet (as much as that’s possible for me — yes, this is Ethan writing), but it’s certainly not simple … More Short & Sweet 

Rwanda Recollections

By Natasha. This is REAL! Tickets have been purchased, boxes are being packed, and goodbye parties are planned. Sometimes the move feels surreal. Are we really moving across the world in a matter of weeks? What will it be like to live in Rwanda? These questions keep running through my mind. I did thankfully get … More Rwanda Recollections

Decision & Transition: Redeemer / Rwanda / Relationships

Natasha and I always imagined that we would end up serving internationally at some point. The when and where of that plan and hope have been much more up in the air. Natasha served in Poland for a year; I made connections in Germany while studying abroad. For a good while, we assumed it would … More Decision & Transition: Redeemer / Rwanda / Relationships

Relocating to Rwanda, Beginning our Blog & Other Alliteration

After polling many friends, Carlsons in Kigali rose to the top as the clear victor in our blog title competition. We’re pretty sure the alliteration was simply too fun to pass up. It’s also a pretty self-explanatory title. We’re the Carlsons and we’ll be living in Kigali (but no worries if you don’t know where that is; you can see … More Relocating to Rwanda, Beginning our Blog & Other Alliteration